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Pokemon Rug

Pokeball Round Rug


About Newcolor7 Anime Rug


Forget bland décor, your floor craves the electrifying action and colorful characters of an anime rug! These aren't just carpets, they're portals to a universe of epic battles, hilarious hijinks, and unforgettable stories that ignite the imagination.

Step into your favorite anime:

  • Embark on the perilous seas with a One Piece rug: Let Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates sail across your floor, a constant reminder of friendship, adventure, and conquering your dreams.
  • Become a Hokage with a Naruto rug: Feel the power of the Sharingan and Rasengan swirl beneath your feet with Naruto, Sasuke, and the entire Hidden Leaf Village.
  • From Death Note's thrilling mind games to Chainsaw Man's devilish mayhem, there's an anime rug for every fan: Choose your favorite series, iconic character, or legendary scene to personalize your space and declare your unwavering anime allegiance.

More than just décor, it's a statement:

  • Transform your room into an otaku sanctuary: Showcase your passion for anime and turn your space into a tribute to your favorite shows, iconic voice actors, and the captivating narratives that have shaped your world.
  • Spark conversations about forgotten B-sides, epic fight sequences, and the impact of anime on pop culture: Your anime rug will be the catalyst for passionate discussions, keeping the love for anime alive for generations to come.
  • The perfect gift for any anime fan: Birthdays, holidays, or just because – an anime rug is a unique and thoughtful present that says "I understand your taste and love for stories that push boundaries, ignite emotions, and transport you to fantastical worlds."

Bonus tips:

  • Add figurines, posters, and manga volumes to the room to create a fully immersive anime experience.
  • Host a watch party and let the action explode from your screen, filling your space with the energy and excitement of your favorite anime.
  • Play with vibrant colors and LED strip lights to complement the rug's design and create an atmosphere that reflects the unique aesthetic of your chosen anime.