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About Newcolor7 Korn Tapestry


Forget predictable décor – step into the raw, emotional whirlwind of Korn with our collection of electrifying tapestries. These aren't just wall hangings; they're portals to dimly lit studios, headbanging mosh pits, and the soul-crushing riffs that redefined nu-metal. Declare your Korn allegiance and transform your space into a shrine to Jonathan's tortured screams, James' groovy basslines, Munky and Head's djenty riffs, and Ray's thunderous drums.

Embrace the Korn Rage:

  • Follow the KoRn: Freak On a Leash's Anguished Rage: Capture the band's early raw energy with a tapestry featuring the iconic dog leash and distorted vocals of "Freak On a Leash." Let "Blind" and "Faget" blast through your room, reminding you to unleash your inner rage and confront society's shadows.
  • Issues' Groovy Breakdown: Dive into Korn's experimental evolution with a tapestry showcasing the introspective lyrics and hypnotic grooves of "Issues." Let "Falling Away from Me" and "Hey Daddy" fill your space with melodic darkness and existential questions.
  • Untouchables' Untamed Fury: Embrace the band's return to their nu-metal roots with a tapestry featuring the aggressive artwork and headbanging energy of "Untouchables." Let "Here to Stay" and "Thoughtless" ignite your walls with unfiltered aggression and anthemic fury.
  • The Serenity of Sorrow's Broken Beauty: Capture the band's later, more melodic sound with a tapestry showcasing the hauntingly beautiful melodies and reflective lyrics of "The Serenity of Sorrow." Let "Hold On" and "Never Never" weave a spell of melancholic beauty in your space, offering solace in the darkness.

More Than Décor, It's a Statement:

  • Spark conversations about Korn's genre-bending legacy: From nu-metal pioneers to experimental explorers, these tapestries are conversation starters and reminders of Korn's enduring impact on heavy music and emotional vulnerability.
  • Relive the anthems and hidden gems: Every glance becomes a tribute to unforgettable tracks like "Somebody Someone," "Right Now," and "A.D.I.D.A.S." Let Korn's musical journey fill your space with familiar favorites and unexpected sonic explorations.
  • The perfect gift for any Korn fan: Birthdays, holidays, or just a "Freak On a Leash" kind of day – a Korn tapestry is a unique and unforgettable present that says "I understand your love for crushing riffs, Jonathan's screams, and the raw vulnerability that Korn pours into their music."

Bonus Nu-Metal Rituals:

  • Level up your Korn sanctuary: Surround your tapestry with vintage vinyl records, band posters, and concert t-shirts to create a space that pulsates with the band's raw energy.
  • Host a Korn headbanging and singalong session: Gather your fellow Korn disciples, crank up the volume, and let the music take over as you mosh, scream lyrics, and unleash your inner Freak On a Leash under the hypnotic visuals of your tapestry.
  • Mix and match your Korn odyssey: Choose tapestries that resonate with your favorite era, from the early nu-metal rage of "Follow the KoRn" to the introspective grooves of "Issues," the untamed fury of "Untouchables," and the melancholic beauty of "The Serenity of Sorrow."

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