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About Newcolor7 Deftones Rug


Crave the atmospheric melodies, soaring vocals, and crushing riffs of Deftones? Ditch the boring beige and unleash the adrenaline with a Deftones rug. Forget ordinary décor, these aren't just floor coverings, they're portals to a universe of raw emotion, sonic textures, and pure rock and roll power.

Step into the Deftones' sonic vortex:

  • White Pony's enigmatic horse leaps across your floor: Embrace the band's signature blend of beauty and aggression with a rug featuring the iconic album cover's majestic white steed.
  • Adrenaline's red waves crash against your feet: Feel the electrifying energy surge through your space with a rug showcasing the album's pulsating red and black design, a visual representation of Deftones' raw power.
  • From Diamond Eyes' melancholic gaze to Saturday Night Wrist's fractured beauty, there's a Deftones rug for every fan: Choose your favorite album cover, band photo, or even song lyric to personalize your space and scream your Deftones fandom.

More than just décor, it's a statement:

  • Declare your allegiance to the Sacramento six: Transform your room into a Deftones shrine, reminding everyone who enters of your devotion to the band's groundbreaking sound and Chino Moreno's vocal mastery.
  • Spark conversations about hidden tracks, forgotten B-sides, and Deftones' influence on alternative rock: Your Deftones rug will be the epicenter of passionate discussions, keeping the band's legacy alive and kicking.
  • The perfect gift for any Deftones fanatic: Birthdays, holidays, or just because – a Deftones rug is a unique and thoughtful present that says "I understand your taste and love for music that punches you in the gut."

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